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Yard Sale Turns into Gang Turf War with a Stabbing and Gun Pulled

BY: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 09/18/2023 @ 1:40PM

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Dominic Gutierrez, 43, (left) of Albuquerque, and James Lucero, (right) 35, of Albuquerque.

NE Albuquerque -

An alarming incident unfolded at the intersection of Marble Ave NE and Madeira Dr NE, where a physical altercation escalated into a stabbing, resulting in one individual hospitalized and two suspects in police custody during a yard sale.

According to a criminal complaint, Albuquerque Police Department officers received a dispatch call regarding a stabbing. The initial comments on the call described a brawl between two male individuals in the middle of the street. The caller reported that one of the men had been stabbed, and the alleged offender had been detained by security guards. Upon their arrival at the scene, officers made contact with security guards, who recounted witnessing the confrontation. According to their account, while patrolling the area, they spotted two men engaged in a ground scuffle in the middle of the intersection. One of the men, clad in a red flannel shirt, was observed stabbing another man, who was shirtless and wearing black shorts. Swiftly, the security guards intervened, detaining the individual in the red flannel and placing him in handcuffs. The injured party had already been transported to the hospital before law enforcement arrived.

The detained individual was identified as Dominic Gutierrez, 43, of Albuquerque. The mother of the injured man, identified him as James Lucero, 35, of Albuquerque, the stabbing victim. The mom clarified that she had not witnessed the entire altercation but had seen the man in the red flannel shirt stab her son Lucero.

After his arrest, Dominic Gutierrez was read his Miranda rights, which he verbally waived. He then detailed his account of the events. According to Dominic, he had been helping with a yard sale at his friend's residence on 5321 Marble Ave when an altercation began. A resident of 5320 Marble Ave allegedly confronted Gutierrez accusing him of being associated with the 18th St Gang. This individual repeatedly attempted to provoke a physical altercation and even brandished a black handgun.

The complaint goes on to say, despite these threats, Gutierrez refused to engage in violence. Tensions escalated when the individual from 5320 Marble Ave threw a glass beer bottle at Gutierrez, narrowly missing him. A physical altercation ensued, during which Gutierrez allegedly stabbed his adversary. He claimed he believed he was acting in self-defense. Lucero was taken to UNMH and will later be booked at MDC. Following the investigation, Dominic Gutierrez was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, while James Lucero faced two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Both men were charged with . It is unclear what kind of fascinating items were being sold at the garage sale and if the garage sale continued after the melee.

© 2023 ABQRAW All Rights Reserved - Please Request Permission Before Disseminating on Other Social Media Platforms.

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