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Witnesses Say Suspect was Driving Over 100MPH Before Hitting Bus Full of Children

ABQ RAW staff

Posted 2/24/2022 8:45AM

SW Albuquerque -

Mario Perez, 49, of Albuquerque has been charged with great bodily injury by vehicle in the bus crash that sent several school children to the hospital.

According to a criminal complaint, witnesses say two Ford Mustangs were racing each-other in excess of 100MPH. That is when Perez's white Mustang struck the school bus.

The bus was proceeding through the intersection when Perez struck the right passenger rear tire. The bus flipped on it's side and left children inside the bus injured.

Some of the most serious injuries included a broken femur and pelvis for at least two of the students.

Perez is facing two 3rd felony charges that carry up to ninety days in jail for each charge.

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