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Violent Suspect Kidnaps Teen has Prior Murder Charge

ABQ RAW staff

Posted: 12/14/2021 2:30PM

Albuquerque, NM -

Suspect Christopher Herrera

In the early hours of December 11th, 2021, Bernalillo County Sheriff deputies responded to reports of a 17-year-old female abducted by Christopher Herrera, an 18-year-old male. Herrera arrived at her residence with an AR style rifle looking for her and fired shots from the gun.

According to the criminal complaint, the female returned to the house with a female friend. Herrera forced her friend out of the vehicle and held the female at gunpoint while taking the vehicle.

BCSO detectives were able to locate the female and take Herrera into custody after about 6 hours search. Herrera is charged with with kidnapping, three counts of aggravated assault (deadly weapon), three counts of child abuse, and shooting at dwelling or occupied building. The Sheriff's office conducted searches on a vehicle and house finding a stolen firearm.

Heerera is not a stranger to violent crimes, in 2018, 15-year-old Christopher Herrera and his 18-year-old cousin Jonathan Herrera were accused of beating Ivan Bocanegra to death, loading his body into a truck and setting it on fire on the Pajarito Mesa.

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