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Violent Landlord "Felt Like Shit" After Choking Man to Death

By: ABQ RAW staff

Posted: 07/21/2022 1:05PM

Albuquerque - On April 22nd, 2022, Bernalillo County Sheriff Deputies responded to a suspicious death at 335 Shulte Rd NW. When detectives arrived on scene they observed a deceased male who they identified as, Ernest Casias. Casias was in the front door way of the home. The homes living room looked like a struggle took place inside.

According to a criminal complaint, Han Krueger Hoyningen-Huene bought the house and was renting out rooms. One of the tenants stated that Casias wanted to rent a room from Krueger Hoyningen-Huene. A fight broke out between Casias and Krueger Hoyningen-Huene over Casias not helping around the house and not pulling his weight. The witness say Casias hit Krueger Hoyningen-Huene repeatedly. She did not see what happened after that. Krueger Hoyningen-Huene gave a statement to detectives saying he "felt like shit and this incident wasn't right." He said he was not satisfied with some fencing work Casias did to the house. Krueger Hoyningen-Huene told deputies on scene he put the victim in a sleeper hold. He stated he was hit in the face and detectives noted they did not see any injuries consistent with a fist fight.

Discussions with the on call District Attorney and detectives resulted in Krueger Hoyningen-Huene being released that night after the incident.

On July 5th, 2022, the Office of Medical Investigator ruled Casias death as a homicide and stated there was meth in his system.

On July 15th, 2022, Krueger Hoyningen-Huene was arrested by Bernalillo County Deputies for a domestic violence call out. Krueger Hoyningen-Huene is accused of elbowing his girlfriend in the head on that date. He was then booked on both cases.

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Krueger Hoyningen-Huene is charged with manslaughter in the first case and the second case he was charged with battery toward a household member. Krueger Hoyningen-Huene has also had three assault incidents involving police in 2022.

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