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Victim of Oct. 16 Incident has Died, Homicide Investigation 124 Begins

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 10/25/2023 @ 6:25PM

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Albuquerque -

Homicide detectives from the Albuquerque Police Department have assumed control of a case involving the death of a man following an incident that occurred in the parking lot of the John Brooks supermarket in the North Valley.

On October 16, 2023, APD officers were dispatched to the store's location at 1130 Candelaria Rd., N.W. in response to a report of a severely injured man.

On October 23, it was relayed to APD's homicide detectives that the man in question, identified as Michael Trujillo, aged 41, had died as a result of his injuries while in the hospital. Subsequently, a homicide investigation was initiated, and the detectives are actively pursuing various leads in the case.

APD did not disclose how the victim was injured or what type of wounds he had.

This is now the 124th homicide for the Albuquerque Metro Area for 2023.

More information will be provided when and if, it becomes available.

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