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UPDATE: Stabbing Victim Shows Up at Church Service and Dies in Front of Them


POSTED: 06/23/2023 @ 7:45AM

Updated: 06/23/2023 @ 8:15AM

SW Albuquerque -

On June 22nd, 2023, at approximately 7:56 PM, Albuquerque Police officers were dispatched to the Southwest Heights Church, located at 9800 Benavides Rd SW, in response to a male individual that was bleeding. When officers arrived, they found a male who had died from his injuries.

Initially it was thought the man was shot, but we are learning from witnesses the man was stabbed to death. (Early this morning PIO Daren DeAguero confirmed that the victim died as a result of stab wounds and not a gunshot) This confirms what witnesses were telling us last night on scene and through messages. They said the man came in choking on his blood and clinging to life. It appears there was a church service going on when the man came into the building bleeding all over the place.

It is unclear where the man was coming from when he stumbled into the church. We could see investigators focusing on the front of the church as they gathered evidence.

This is Albuquerque's 64th homicide for 2023.

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