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UPDATE: Possible Suspect Vehicles Recovered in Senseless Murder of 5 Year Old Child

Posted By: ABQ RAW Staff

Posted On: 08/15/2023@8:45AM


In a significant development, law enforcement officials have recovered two Kia Soul vehicles that may hold crucial clues in the heart-wrenching murder case of a 5-year-old girl on Sunday. The vehicles were found alongside potential evidence, now undergoing thorough examination by investigators.

Details surrounding the recovered vehicles remain undisclosed, but there's a strong suspicion that they could be linked to the devastating drive-by shooting that tragically took the life of an innocent young girl, Galilea Samaniego. APD Chief Harold Medina in an emailed statement expressed, “We have reason to believe they may be connected to the drive-by shooting... We urge those individuals to come forward and do the right thing. Help us bring justice to Galilea Samaniego.”

On Monday, August 14th, around 4:30pm, APD released images of the two Kia Soul vehicles. These two vehicles were observed in the area during the time of the shooting and are suspected of having potential links to the shooting.

Anyone who possesses information about these vehicles or the incident is encouraged to contact the police at 505-242-COPS. Alternatively, anonymous tips can be relayed to Albuquerque Metro Crime Stoppers at 505-843-STOP. You can also submit an anonymous tip online at or

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