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UPDATE: NMSP and NMDPS hold press briefing


Posted 2/12/2022 6:45PM

Updated 2/12/2022 8:00PM

Albuquerque -

NMDPS Secretary Jason Bowie and NM State Police Chief Tim Johnson update the case on the police shooting which happened yesterday, injuring one of their Police supervisors.

Here are the two suspects who were the ones who are accused of shooting at the NMSP supervisor.

Elledge and Martinez have extensive felon criminal records. In the criminal complaint, Elledge said he did fire at the New Mexico State Police supervisor during the PIT maneuver. The officer was released from the hospital today and is at home recovering.

Elledge is charged with:

Assault with Intent to Commit a Violent Felony on a Peace OfficerTampering with Evidence (Highest Crime a Third, Fourth or Indeterminate Degree Felony)Aggravated Battery upon a Peace Officer (Great Bodily Harm)Aggravated Fleeing a Law Enforcement OfficerReceipt, Transportation or Possession of a Firearm or Destructive Device by Certain Persons (Felon)Criminal Damage to Property (Over $1000)

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