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UPDATE: Drug Deal Gone Wrong Results in Triple Murder in War Zone

BY: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 12:00PM at 08/31/2023

A mother screams for "Where is my kid?! I am here to see my kid!," she said as her voice cracked in distress.

War Zone Albuquerque -

On August 31st, 2023, Albuquerque Police Department responded to the latest homicide at the 300 block of Rhode Island resulting in three victims being killed. APD arrived on scene around 4:30AM to 3 gunshot victims. Two were killed on scene, and one was transported to UNMH and died at the hospital.


"There's a lot of evidence still on scene. We have numerous firearms on scene, some that appeared to be shot, knocked back. We have drugs, invisible presence on scene. And this appears to be some sort of narcotics transaction that resulted in some type of shootout in the neighborhood," said APD Chief Harold Medina at a press briefing near the scene.

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Evidence markers are placed by victims' clothing, a gun, and a bag of drugs.

What we observed on scene was a series of events unfolding with a silver sedan with a male victim on the driver side and a female victim on the passenger both dead from obvious gunshot wounds. The male victim had a gunshot wound to his head and there was a pistol and drugs close by him. The sedan had bullet impacts.

A potential suspect being taken into custody by APD.

We observed officers taking a man into custody who had been hiding on a newrby rooftop. An APD officer found him using a drone. The man peacefully surrendered. Chief Medina said the man had warrants unrelated to this case but is a person of interest.

footage from the scene can be found HERE:

Victim family members showed up on scene with a mom running to investigators asking questions while in distress. "Where is my kid?!" I am here to see my kid!," she said as her voice cracked in distress.

Family, friends, and APD investigators comforted her as she processed all the information being given to her.

These three homicides bring Albuquerque to #103 for 2023.

Chief Medina urged people to call 242-COPS with any leads.

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