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UPDATE: APD Believes Suspect is Wounded after Officer Involved Shooting

BY: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 08/17/2023 @ 10:45AM

SE Albuquerque -

Albuquerque Police Department officials held a press briefing on this mornings officer involved shooting in Albuquerque's International War Zone District. The incident happened on August 17th, 2023 in the early morning hours near the 300 block of Rhode Island St NE.

According to APD officials, no officers were injured during the incident. The suspect fled on foot and was not located after a search of the neighborhood. Chief Medina is on vacation so Deputy Chief Mike Smathers was the person who briefed the media.

Smathers indicated that APD officers responded to a possible stolen vehicle and when they arrived they found a suspect who was spray painting wheels on a car. Officers approached the suspect and he fled the scene. In that series of events the suspect pulls out a firearm and officers fired at him.

Police setup a perimeter and were not able to locate the male suspect but did find a firearm and indications the suspect was wounded.

As a precaution local hospitals were notified of this incident and police are asking the public to assist in providing information about the suspect involved in this incident.

This shooting is being investigated by a multi-agency task-force and the area of 300 Dallas, and Rhode Island will be shutdown while they conduct an investigation.

Media Briefing video HERE:

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