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APD: Threat to a Business Near University and Indian School is Resolved

By: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 2/22/2023 @ 3:23PM

At 1:15pm, a LoboAlert was sent out, which reportedly encouraged the evacuation of both the UNM Continuing Education and the UNM Eye Clinic due to ongoing police activity. It also advised recipients of the message to avoid the area until further notice.

Around 1:25pm, APD disclosed that they were investigating a threat that was made to an undisclosed business near University Blvd and Indian School Rd. APD was asking drivers to avoid the area. It also appeared as though AFR was dispatched to this particular area around 1:27pm.

Before we could publish our original story warning drivers to avoid the area, APD sent out another email saying the scene had been cleared and traffic was back open.

It is unknown if anyone was arrested. It is also known if APD's SWAT team or bomb squad was at this location during the active threat.

We will provide you an update later, if one becomes available from APD.

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