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Suspect Released in Homicide with Two Victims

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 6/28/2022 at 11:45AM

Raymond David Barreras, III was initially charged with murder

On June 26th, 2022, Albuquerque Police investigated two deaths, one scene is located behind the Circle K on 98th/I-40 area. The second scene was on the 1300 block of Secret Valley Dr SW.

APD initial charged Raymond David Barreras, III, with an open count of murder for allegedly murdering his dad. According to a criminal complaint, Barreras III got into a shoot out with his father, Raymond David Barreras, Jr. that killed Barreras, Jr. The complaint goes on to suggest the father had shot Barreras III, mother, who lived at the 1300 block Secret Valley Dr SW home just prior. It is unclear how Raymond Davis Barreras knew this information of his mothers death.

Witnesses told us that over the years Barreras III and his son would work on cars and weld in the driveway of their home. The complaint suggests a recent falling out between the father and son.

EXCLUSIVE: See the original criminal complaint, dismissal document, and a NSFW photo from the scene:

The District Attorney office has dismissed the open count of first degree murder against Barreras III citing new information that has come forward.

We will update the case when more new developments happen.

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