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Man in Stolen Car Ditches Truck Under Bridge, Manhunt Ensues

Posted By: ABQRAW staff

Posted On: 02/07/2024 @3:25 PM

Updated: 02/07/2024 @3:45 PM

Update 2: 02/07/2024 @4:15 PM (Confirms suspect was taken into custody)

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Albuquerque -

Officers from the Albuquerque Police Department are currently present at the intersection of Juan Tabo and Indian School regarding a stolen vehicle that allegedly fled from officers.

At some point, the white GMC truck then went under the diversion channel bridge at Juan Tabo. APD officers were seen throwing Stop Sticks in front of the vehicle in an attempt to stop it. The driver of the stolen truck fled after the vehicle crashed near an embankment.

At this time, APD officers are actively searching for a suspect. The primary location for the scene is presently between Blake's and Arby's.


Traffic has been shutdown in all four directions near the intersection. The public is urged to steer clear of the area and find an alternative route.


While at the scene, we observed APD taking a male and a female into custody. Presently, we do not know if they are connected to this stolen car incident.

Update 2 @4:15 PM:

The individuals that we saw apprehended around 3:45 PM have been confirmed as the ones who stole the GMC truck and tried to elude law enforcement.

We will continue to update you as we learn more information...

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