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Suspect in Muslim Killings being Detained at Police Headquarters

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 8/9/2022 @ 11:30AM

Updated: 8/9/2022 @2:00PM

Detectives investigate one of the recent scenes near 422 Cornell SE Blvd.

Downtown ABQ - A suspect in the Muslim killings around the metro is in police custody. We have learned from a source that was not authorized to speak to the media that a person of interest is currently being detained by the NMSP and APD officials downtown. The man is said to have been taken into custody last night by a joint NMSP/APD SWAT team in the ABQ metro area. Detectives have been working relentlessly for days to figure out who the killer is. It is learned he was fleeing town when a vehicle pursuit happened.

The alleged suspect vehicle was spotted in Santa Rosa, N.M. during a vehicle pursuit.

According to a City of Santa Rosa Police Dispatch supervisor, last night a vehicle was stopped by NMSP and APD neat their town. The vehicle was stopped at the Santa Rosa exit 277. The vehicle was the same dark colored Volkswagen from APD's flyer. Officers took the suspect into custody by force using a bean bag non-lethal weapon.

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Emergency medical services were called to the scene and the suspect was checked out and cleared. He was then transported to Albuquerque for interviews with investigators.

This story is still developing. We will update this story as soon as we learn more information.

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