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Shoot Out at Gas Station Leaves One Dead and One Injured in Albuquerque

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

ABQ RAW staff

03/25/2021 POSTED 11:15PM

APD officers look into an SUV involved in a shootout at a Maverik Gas Station on Comanche and I-25


Around 8:40PM, APD responded to a shots fired call at the Maverik Gas Station at Comanche Blvd NE near I-25.

A secondary scene was found nearby at the 2700 block of Monroe Street NE. A damaged SUV was found outside a home with glass missing from it.

One person was injured and one was killed during the gun battle.

Albuquerque Police responded to both scenes and have them blocked off while they investigate.

The gas station scene visibly had one pump completely tipped over and there was glass on the ground. We have no information on suspects or victims.

This is Albuquerque's 34th homicide of 2022. We will update the story when more details become available.

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