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Bernalillo County Sheriffs Office Releases More Dramatic Video of Tram Rescue!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Albuquerque -

The Bernalillo County Sheriffs office released some dramatic video of the New Year's Eve and Day rescue of Sandia Peak Tramway cable cars that held 21 people.

A multi-agency effort was underway to rescue the 21 stranded people inside two tram cable cars. According to Sandia Ski Area officials' moisture and wind caused fast icing on the cables making the cars get stuck.

There were a few passengers sharing photos from inside the cable cars and showing their emergency provisions such as blankets, food, and water. They were getting health checks by medical professionals and contact with rescue crews.

The rescue concluded with the passengers rappelling from the cable car to an area below for rescue teams to get them to safety via the BCSO air support team.

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