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Semi-Truck Crashes into an Arroyo in NE ABQ

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

By: ABQ RAW staff

Posted: 12/22/2022 @2:40PM

Albuquerque - Around 7AM for some reason a semi-truck got misdirected and drove along the east side of the North Diversion Channel pathway and crashed into a diversion channel. The diversion channel is near Candelaria Blvd and University in NE Albuquerque. APD and New Mexico State Police both responded to the crash to investigate.

Witnesses told us that they saw the driver bleeding from his neck and saying that someone had been chasing him all the way from Colorado. Witnesses watched as the driver was loaded up in an ambulance and taken to the hospital. The condition of the driver is unknown and it does not appear the truck was stolen.

On the west side of the arroyo, it is lined with industrial type business and many of the workers watched investigators work on the bizarre scene as the semi-truck being removed from its precarious location.

video from the scene

According to the Federal Department of Transportation online records, the semi-truck was registered to Worldwide Trucking, LLC based out of Tupelo, Mississippi. We will update the story if any charges are brought against the driver.

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