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Road Rage Shooting Happens on I-40 Westbound in Albuquerque


POSTED: 02/10/2024 @ 5:15PM

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Albuquerque -

Around 3:30PM, the Albuquerque Police Department was dispatched to a road rage incident on I-40 westbound just before the University Blvd. exit. There was an SUV and a tan Dodge pick up truck involved in the incident. The pick up truck fired in the direction of the SUV then fled.

An SUV was pulled to the side of the interstate and APD officers closed down the far left lane while they waited for investigators and a tow truck. The SUV was disabled because of the incident.

While on scene we did not observe any bullet impact marks on the passenger side but we could not see the driver side. It is unclear how many rounds were fired at the SUV by the offender truck. Witnesses said the tan Dodge pick up truck continued westbound on I-40.

We will update the story if any more information becomes available.

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