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Police are Investigating Man Shot in the leg in NE ABQ

By: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 1/10/2023 @ 1:15PM

video from scene

Officers place crime scene tape around a scene where a man was shot in the leg.

NE Albuquerque - Around noon, Albuquerque Police officers responded to a man shot at the intersection of Ortiz and Grand NE. He was in the middle of the street with an apparent gunshot wound to the leg and was transported to the University of New Mexico Hospital.

A witness said he heard a shot and saw a needle in the street leading him to believe some sort of drug transaction went bad. He saw rescue personnel working on the male and applying a tourniquet to the victims leg.

APD officers could be seen combing the area for evidence and knocking on residents doors looking for more witnesses to the shooting.

We did observe a fully loaded needle with an unknown substance inside and blood next to it.

The victim was transported to UNMH for further treatment.

No suspect information was known at this time.

An unused drug needle and blood droplets are seen next to an impromptu crime scene marker.

We will update the story if more information becomes available on the victim and if any arrests are made.

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