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Police Activity in the 200 Block of Vassar Dr SE

Posted By: ABQRAW staff

Posted On: 01/18/2024 @7:10 PM

UPDATE: 01/18/2024 @7:55 PM

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Albuquerque Police Officers in the Southeast Area Command have established a perimeter in the 200 block of Vassar Dr. S.E., close to Central Ave and Girard Blvd SE., as they actively search for a wanted individual.

APD officers are providing support to the Isleta Police Department officers who are in pursuit of the wanted individual, leading to Southeast Albuquerque. The individual reportedly abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot.

The situation is unfolding, and law enforcement is currently working on expanding the perimeter.

People are advised to avoid the area, and if you live in the area you should lock your doors.


At 7:53 PM, we received an email from APD's civilian PIO Gilbert Gallegos, that said:

"The individual was taken into custody."

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