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On Again Off Again Mental Patient Wanders Streets Steals Gun then Shoots up Downtown

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 9/21/2022 @ 1:30PM

Jacob Reyna

Downtown ABQ - A man was arrested Tuesday afternoon for shooting several rounds at unknown targets in the area of Gold between 3rd and 5th streets downtown.

A criminal complaint determined that Jacob Reyna 26 years of age broke into a pickup truck which was parked in a parking structure at 501 Silver SW.


From inside the truck Jacob located and stole a fully loaded handgun (per victim 15 total rounds in the gun and magazine). Jacob was then seen leaving the parking structure and randomly shooting at unknown targets in the area.

Area of 320 Gold SW where shooter was located

According to a BCSO PIO Bernalillo County Deputies located Jacob and made contact with him in the area of 1st and Central in front of Tucanos and visualized a gun on his person. Initially, Jacob complied with commands of deputies and they instructed him to lay on his chest with his arms out and keep his hands away from the gun. When deputies approached him, he began resisting and actively reaching for the gun. Multiple deputies fought with him on the ground before he was successfully taken into custody. Deputies did locate the stolen gun in Jacobs waistband with one round still in the chamber and one round in the magazine. The other 13 rounds from the gun when it was first stolen had been fired indiscriminately in the area. No reported victims were located in the area. The 13 spent casings were collected by CSI investigators and tagged for evidence.

A check of court records for Jacob shows arrests in NM dating back to 2014. As recently as last year in 2021 he was deemed "not competent to stand trial" by the State of New Mexico. Those charges stem from a stolen motor vehicle case. Jacob Reyna has had other charges brought against him since 2021 but all of the cases have been dismissed because of his competency.

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