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Massive Sinkhole Causes Traffic Headaches on Westside

BY: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 09/20/2023 @ 5:15PM

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Westside Albuquerque -

On September 20th, 2023, Eagle Ranch Road near Paseo Del Norte was the scene of a massive sinkhole in the southbound lanes of Eagle Ranch at Paseo. The hole could be seen ripping apart the roadway.

Construction crews quickly arrived at the area to begin repairs and restore the road to its normal condition. Construction equipment was used to excavate asphalt and soil in order to access the pipes underneath.

While on the scene, we witnessed a fender bender involving two vehicles that were looking at the sinkhole instead of paying attention to the road. The two vehicles pulled over to a nearby gas station to exchange information related to their collision.

It is expected to take a few days to repair Eagle Ranch Road. Drivers are advised to find alternative routes for their commutes.

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