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Man Shot at Walmart, IPS Security Detains Offender

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 10/17/2022 @ 8:15PM

Updated: 10/17/2022 @ 8:50 (witness)

NE ABQ - A man has been shot in the leg by another man in front of the Walmart at 2266 Wyoming Bl NE. After an immediate armed response from IPS security they were able to detain the shooter and held him until Police arrived. It is unclear what started the confrontation that lead to a shooting. We will follow up with this story as we learn more information.


A witness said a man and woman (unknown relation) were arguing in the Walmart parking lot and a gun was drawn by an unrelated witness. The witness to the argument did fire his gun one time, striking the man arguing in the leg. An IPS(International Protective Service) Officer who was stationed at the store was immediately able to secure the gun and shooter while another IPS Officer immediately applied a tourniquet to the injured male.

IPS Officers stationed at the store were able to diffuse a very fluid situation which could have resulted in a much more dangerous situation.

Walmart had recently hired IPS for several of their stores and this appears to be one example of why they were hired.

APD was on scene very quickly and are beginning their investigation into what exactly lead up to the shooting.

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