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Man Sets 3 APS Vehicles on Fire just to Get Attention

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 3/8/2023 @ 2:45PM

NE Albuquerque - The Albuquerque Public Schools main headquarters located at 6400 Uptown Blvd NE encountered the most bizarre arson incident recently. Ruben Davis, 40, of Rio Rancho, NM decided to light three APS vehicles on fire with a piece of his clothing and some flammable liquid.

According to a criminal complaint, Davis stated to APS detectives that he "lit all three vehicles on fire" to get "help" and "draw attention" to himself. Mr. Davis stated that he walked onto Albuquerque Public Schools property with the full intent to light the vehicles on fire.


"The suspect then attempted to set another two district vehicles on fire but was stopped by a security guard. We don't have an estimate on the property damage yet," said Executive Director of Communications for APS Monica Armenta

Davis has a criminal record with the state of New Mexico dating back to 2001. Most of his crimes were felony robberies and stealing motor vehicles.

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