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Man Officially Charged and Booked in Brutal Murder of a Calvary Church Security Member

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

By: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 9/25/2022 @12:30AM

Booking photo of Marc Ward from Saturday

NE Albuquerque -

News of the murder of a beloved Calvary Church security team member Daniel Bourne spread quickly throughout social media and on the main Calvary church campus. The main Calvary church is located at 4001 Osuna Rd NE in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque Police homicide detectives and Calvary Church security personnel were able to meticulously piece together crucial evidence needed to make an arrest today for the homicide of Daniel Bourne.

During a 6:30PM Saturday service senior Pastor Skip Heitzig addressed his congregation about the death of one their team member Daniel Bourne. See video below.

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Video of Pastor Skip's news to his church members

The suspect named in the criminal complaint is Marc Ward 35, of Albuquerque, he is being charged with an open count of murder.

According to the criminal complaint, Bourne was doing security rounds when he spotted a blue Ford F-150 truck in the far NW part of the parking lot. He texted his fellow security team members a photo of the truck and these messages:

"Checking veh west 16" He sent a follow up text.

"Pulled away and stopped."

These were the last texts ever sent,,,

The complaint goes on to say the lead security director Vincent Harrison became worried when Bourne never checked back in with the team. Harrison then went to Calvary and located Bourne not breathing in an arroyo adjacent to the property. Harrison noticed severe trauma to Bourne's head and it appeared Bourne had been drug to the nearby arroyo and dumped. A trail of blood from the parking lot to the arroyo could be seen on the pavement and police also found a single 9mm casing nearby. Bourne carried a Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol, pepper spray, and handcuffs on a belt he wore while he worked his shifts. Bourne was not wearing this belt when he was located and none of the items from his belt were found in his possession including the gun.

ABQ RAW was on scene when Albuquerque Police homicide detectives and Calvary Chapel security found some of Bourne's missing possessions from his duty belt about half a mile west of the campus. No gun was mentioned as being found in the search of the various properties in the criminal complaint so it is assumed to still be missing.

Later in the day APD detectives and CSI found more evidence in an arroyo near the Calvary Church main campus.

Detectives were able to use the picture from Bournes cell phone to get the truck's license plate. With the plate information detectives were able to locate a residence in NE Albuquerque where the truck was registered to. They did locate the truck matching the description from the texts and video footage parked at the home. The truck had extensive damage including human skin and hair on the trucks grill and headlight area. The truck also had dents and light colored fibers stuck on the front bumper. A dent and paint defects on the driver's door appeared to be consistent with a bullet being deflected off of the surface. It is unclear if Bourne fired at the pickup before he was run down.


APD detectives interviewed Marc Ward's father who owned the truck. He was recovering from a heart surgery and not able to use the truck. His son Marc was using his truck because Marc's car was not working.

While in custody Marc Ward told detectives he likes to go out on Friday nights to Ojo's Locos, Twin Peaks, or Downtown Albuquerque. When asked about the time frames consistent with the murder of Bourne, Marc declined any additional information and requested an attorney so the police interview ended.

Ward's past criminal record includes domestic violence toward the mother of his children, criminal sexual contact of a minor, and violating restraining orders. One case was pending trial and the others either had a plea deal arrangement or were dismissed.

video of CSI investigators and detectives locating evidence from the homicide scene

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