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Man in Deadly Street Racing Crash Released from Jail

BY ABQ RAW staff

POSTED 10/16/2023 @ 5:45PM

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Albuquerque -

28-year-old Andy Doreste-Saumell, of Albuquerque, now faces serious charges, including vehicular homicide, reckless driving, child abuse, and participating in illegal street racing that happened last night October 8th, 2023.

On October 16th, 2023, Doreste-Saumell was released from detention before his trial. Judge Brett Loveless put Doreste-Saumell on a short leash with his conditions of release. He is prohibited from: driving a motor vehicle, possessing drugs or alcohol, making contact with the victims, returning to the location of the incident, and possessing weapons.

The incident unfolded when investigators from the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) discovered that two cars were racing at dangerously high speeds on Louisiana Blvd northbound. Their reckless racing ended in a devastating collision with another vehicle at a side street intersection, resulting in the tragic death of the female driver and severe injuries to two 14-year-old passengers.

We have not gotten any additional updates from APD on the victims who survived the crash.

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The male driver of one of the racing cars later succumbed to his injuries at a hospital, while his female passenger was also critically hurt. Meanwhile, the occupants of the third car, which included a child, suffered less severe injuries.

The complaint says Doreste-Saumell admitted to exceeding the speed limit, but showed no signs of being under the influence. He told police he knew he was traveling faster than the speed limit. He was subsequently taken into custody and booked at the Metro Detention Center when the incident happened.

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