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Local and Federal Officers were Seen Ridding Areas of Town of Drug Dealing Scum Bags

By: ABQcRAW staff

Posted: 7/11/2023 @ 2:45PM

Albuquerque, NM -

Today, while we drove around town showing our crime sniffing dog "Lalo" known problem areas, we noticed a live drug bust occurring right in front of us. We immediately pulled over and began filming what appeared to be local and federal under cover agents converging on a problem gas station located at Cutler and San Mateo.

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Officers could be seen taking away from the scene at least two suspects in cuffs. We approached a very serious looking, heavily armed man identified by a large tactical vest as "DEA" and asked him what was going on. The man only responded with "tact plan". We assume these men will be busy most of the day on their tact plan and wished them good luck.

"Lalo" the crime beat dog

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