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Large Fire Reported at Sixth St NW and Haines Ave NW

Updated: Apr 12

By: ABQ RAW Staff

POSTED: 04/11/2023 @ 1:45PM

UPDATE: 04/11/2023 @ 1:55PM

UPDATE 2: 04/11/2023 @ 4:20PM

UPDATE 3: 04/12/2023 @ 11:05AM

File Photo of Albuquerque Fire Rescue Working a Fire Scene

Albuquerque - Based on Albuquerque Fire Rescue dispatch records, courtesy of the app PulsePoint, there appears to be a commercial fire at Sixth St NW and Haines Ave NW. According to the dispatch logs provided by PulsePoint, the fire was reported at 12:22PM. According to the log of "on scene" units, as of 1:45PM, there are nine AFR units at the fire.

We have not heard from AFR which building is involved in the fire or if AFR knows how the fire started.

We will update this story if more information becomes available.


AFR posted on Facebook that "the commercial structure fire at 6th St and Haines NW is now under control." According to AFR's post, crews are continuing to mop up additional hot spots. AFR also said that there was a collapse on the south side of the commercial structure.

There are no reported injuries from this commercial structure fire.

Based on researching local properties in the area and comparing the buildings in layout, the various graffiti tags, and proximity to the railroad tracks to the video that AFR posted on Facebook, we believe the building involved in the fire is 1803 Sixth Street NW.


As of 4:20PM, it appears as though only 2 AFR units remain on scene working on hot spots.


This morning, we received an email that was dated and sent out yesterday to other media outlets, but the email confirms that the building involved in the structure fire was in fact 1803 Sixth St NW. AFR said that "13 units were assigned to the event but an extra ladder and two engines were requested resulting in a 15 apparatus response." AFR also said that there were no reports of injuries to firefighters or civilians. The cause of the fire is unknown and it is currently being investigated.

Video Credit: Albuquerque Fire Rescue Facebook Page

Google Map Image of the South Side of 1803 6th Street NW

Google Maps of Sixth Street NW & Haines Ave NW

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