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Horrible ABQ Mother Booked Again

By: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 02/10/2023 @10:25AM

Albuquerque -

Last night, BCSO booked Phylicia Baca into MDC on a charge of abandonment of a child (no death or great bodily harm), NM Stat § 30-6-1, and obstruction of investigation of child abuse or neglect, NM Stat § 30-6-4. She was placed on a no bail hold. Baca was scheduled to go before a judge, February 10th, 2023, at 1:30PM, where they decided to hold her in custody until her next court date, which wasn't made available.

As we mentioned on February 9th, Baca is no stranger to the NM court system. When we reviewed her other past criminal complaints, Phylicia Baca had prior charges for shoplifting, the last charge was 04/12/2012. However, during an encounter with probation/parole on July 23, 2012, "Probationer Baca was given an instant urinalysis test which provided all negative test results. Probationer Baca was going to be taken into custody on a STEPS violation for missing her counseling appointment. Once Probationer Baca was taken into custody by PPO Thomas, a device commonly known as a whizzinator was found on the floor in the office of this Officer. The whizzinator, which is used to falsify UA's. clearly belonged to a female and still contained drops of urine on the side of the tube. Probationer Baca denied the device belonged to her and stated she found it in the corner of the office and accidently kicked it. Probationer Baca was advised that she must provide another urinalysis upon arrival at MDC, which will be sent off to Norchem Laboratories. Probationer Baca advised this Officer that she would be clean.

Transport Officer Alice Muniz advised this officer that upon arrival at MDC, Probationer Baca requested another inmate to provide urine for her UA. Probationer Baca provided a second UA and admitted the device was in fact hers. Probationer Baca wrote attached written statement. The second urinalysis test was positive for THC."

On May 22, 2012, Baca also had a random urinalysis test that tested positive for THC. The terms of her probation were to "not buy, sell, consume, possess or distribute any controlled substances or illegal synthetic substances," marijuana was NOT legal in 2012. On August 1, 2012, there was a motion to revoke probation and a warrant was issued. On August 7, 2012, she went before a judge were there were "new terms" or "updated conditions of release" added to her probation and she was also reportedly required to do 50 hours of community service upon her release.

For her "updated conditions of release," one of the conditions of her release, it says, "I will not buy, sell, consume, possess or distribute any controlled substances or illegal synthetic substances except those legally prescribed for my use by a State Certified Medical Doctor." When the Probation/Parole Officer was conducting their routine field call on September 24, 2012, they said "upon entering her room, a glass pipe, which is commonly used to smoke marijuana, was found on top of the dresser. It should be noted that Probationer Baca's 10-month old also occupies this bedroom, and there was a crib in the room located on the west wall. A search of the room was conducted as the smell of marijuana could also be detected in the bedroom. A small, rectangular tin was located in the second, left-hand drawer of the dresser, which container marijuana." For another condition of her release, it says "I shall not possess, use or consume any alcoholic beverages and will not at any time enter what is commonly known as a bar or lounge where alcoholic beverages are served or sold for consumption on the premises." During their September 24, 2012 routine field call, the Probation/Parole Officer noted "Alcohol bottles were found in the trash can outside on the porch. This officer questioned Probationer Baca about the bottles and she stated they pick them up from the yard as the neighbors throw them there. PPS Foley walked into the garage, as to ensure there was no one else in the residence, and a large trash can in the garage was found to be about ¼ full of empty Foster's beer cans, as well as a trash bag next to the trash can that contained several beer cans." The 10-month-old son mentioned from the revocation of bond in 2012, is obviously a different child than the current missing child, Geovanni. This past incident was mentioned because it goes to establish an alleged pattern of drug use around her infant children.

During the September 24, 2012 encounter with Probation/Parole, Baca also reportedly lied to the Probation/Parole Officer, which is another violation of the terms of her release and she jeopardized the safety of Probation/Parole Officers by not revealing everyone that was located in the home at the time of the Probation/Parole Officers visit, there were supposedly people concealed in other rooms of the home.

PRIOR Criminal Complaints Below:

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