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Homicide Suspect Attacks another Homicide Suspect inside Jail

By: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 04/27/2022 12:15PM

Izaiah Garcia booking photo

MDC, Albuquerque -

On 4/21/2022, Izaiah Garcia was stabbing another inmate inside the Metropolitan Detention Center. The inmate was later identified as Christopher Byers. Byers is accused of a 2022 homicide that killed 16-year-old Thomas Nunn.

According to the criminal complaint, Garcia and Byers start talking to each other while walking. Garcia then pulls a "shank" on Byers and stabs him at least 20 times while saying "this is for my brother".

Christopher Byers is accused of shooting and killing 16-year-old Thomas Nunn in 2022

Detectives confirmed through family that Garcia is a half-brother to homicide victim Thomas Nunn.

A correction officer deployed pepper spray to stop the attack. Garcia walked back into a cell and tossed the shank into the toilet and attempted to flush it. He was taken into custody and Byers was taken to UNMH for his wounds. The shank was estimated to be 6-8 inches in length and made from a broken mop or broom handle.

Not actual MDC toilet but similar to what MDC uses.

Garcia has two murder trials pending from 2019 and 2020. In this current case, he will be charged with aggravated battery - felony (Great Bodily Harm or Deadly Weapon) possession of a deadly weapon or explosive by a prisoner and tampering with evidence (Highest Crime a Third, Fourth or Indeterminate Degree Felony).

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