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Homicide 140 Caused by Man Beating Another Man with a Tree Branch

Keith Bird, homicide suspect

SE Albuquerque -

On Monday night neighbors on the 2800 block of Central could hear and see a physical altercation happening. The witnesses say a Native American man was beating another man with a tree branch in an alley way.

Officers were dispatched to the scene to find a deceased male.

According to a criminal complaint, later in the evening the suspect Keith Bird called 911 from a Walgreens down the street. Bird said he felt threatened by a bigger guy and was unsure if the guy needed medical attention.

The complaint goes on to say Bird started fighting with his friend and struck him over ten times with a branch and also his fists.

Bird has a criminal record dating back to 1997 ranging from assaults to criminal trespassing.

This is Albuquerque's 140th homicide of the year.

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