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Hit-and-Run Incident: Seeking Justice for Rosanna Breuninger

Updated: Jul 27

Posted By: ABQ RAW Staff

Posted On: 07/27/2023 @3:15PM

Rosanna Breuninger
Rosanna Breuninger

On the early morning of July 22, 2023, tragedy struck the community as Rosanna Breuninger, a female bicyclist, fell victim to a hit-and-run incident in the vicinity of 12th St NW and Los Arboles Ave NW. The incident unfolded between the hours of midnight and 01:56AM, leaving Breuninger injured and in need of immediate assistance.

Breuninger was later found deceased at her home address near 2nd St NW and Mescalero Rd NW, Breuninger's personal items are missing such as her purse and cell phone. A white or silver sedan is believed to be the vehicle that transported Breuninger to her residence. ABQ RAW first reported Breuninger's murder on July 22, 2023 and observed APD's homicide detectives combing the area for evidence. They were looking in dumpsters and speaking with neighbors on possible leads with the case. At one point during the investigation, we saw APD Motor's Unit on scene trying to figure out the case.

This white or silver sedan is believed to be the vehicle that transported Rosanna to her residence.

A Life Cut Short:

Breuninger, a vibrant and cherished member of the community, had her life tragically cut short in the blink of an eye. Her passion for cycling, joy for the outdoors, love for her two dogs, and her dedication to refurbishing bikes for the community brought joy to many, making the loss even more devastating for those who knew her.

The Urgency of Accountability:

Hit-and-run incidents leave behind a trail of unanswered questions and a sense of injustice. The fact that the vehicle involved in the collision transported Breuninger to her residence before fleeing adds complexity to the investigation. Accountability for such reckless actions is crucial to ensure the safety for all of those that share and use the road and uphold the principles of justice.

Seeking the Community's Help:

The Albuquerque Police Department is actively investigating the case, but they need the support of the community to make progress. Any piece of information, no matter how small it may seem, could be instrumental in identifying the vehicle and locating Breuninger's missing personal items, which may hold crucial clues to the incident.

The Role of Crime Stoppers:

Crime Stoppers provides a vital platform for individuals to share information and you can remain anonymous. By contacting (505) 843-STOP (7867) or, community members can help law enforcement piece together the events leading up to the collision, potentially leading to a breakthrough in the investigation.

Social media posts have posted about the loss of Rosanna Breuninger leaving a void in their hearts of those who knew her. As her family, friends and those that knew her mourn her passing, investigators will follow up on any tips sent their way.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers, anonymously at (505) 843-STOP (7867) or

From the Advance Native Political Leadership Facebook Page -

Crime Stoppers Bulletin/Flyer for Rosanna Breuninger

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