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Group Urges Lawmakers to Pass Stronger Laws During Session

Santa Fe -

The New Mexico Crusaders for Justice is a group that formed when family member's of homicide victims came together to honor their loved ones. Now, they are pressuring lawmakers to pass stronger laws during New Mexico's 30-day Legislative Session.

Here is what they are asking from lawmakers and the Governor:

Our basic message from the Crusader's

Families are banning together to address the crime issue in our state and pushing for change. We are here to support this plan and spare other families the heartache of losing a loved one to crime. New Mexico crime rates are skyrocketing, and too many people are hurting in record breaking numbers. We cannot waste any more time debating the issue. Legislators must do everything they can during the session to protect the residents of New Mexico.

Increasing penalties for second-degree murder

We need stiffer penalties to stop the rash of killings in New Mexico. First degree murder is punishable by life in prison with possibility of parole after 30 years. However, first degree murder applies only to a very narrow category of homicides. The punishment for intentionally taking another life, whether first degree or not, should fit the crime. Key components of this legislation include:

  1. Abolishing the statute of limitations for second degree murder and lengthening the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse and felonies resulting in death.

  2. Increasing penalties for aggravated fleeing when reckless behavior results in death.

  3. Increasing the penalty for second degree murder from fifteen years to eighteen years.

  4. Preventing the suspension or deferral of a sentence for second degree murder

Three strikes law

This bill would expand the list of crimes that could be considered when sentencing someone as a habitual offender, which would require a mandatory life sentence without the opportunity of parole. The bill would apply to someone convicted for the THIRD violent crime:

Crimes added would be:

  1. Voluntary manslaughter

  2. Shooting at a dwelling or occupied building that results in great bodily harm.

  3. Aggravated battery by inflicting great bodily harm while using a firearm or deadly weapon.

  4. Abuse of a child that results in great bodily harm to the child, negligent abuse of a child resulting in death.

  5. Aggravated criminal sexual penetration

  6. Aggravated assault upon a peace officer

  7. Assault with intent to commit a violent felony upon a peace officer

  8. Aggravated battery upon a peace officer resulting in great bodily harm

We will be opposing the Second Chance bill:

This part of legislation will give juveniles that have been sentenced as adults an automatic parole hearing after 15 years.

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