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Visiting Gay Santa Fe Couple Attacked by ABQ Homeless Repeat Criminal Offender

BY: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 06/19/2023 @12:15PM

New updated booking photo for this local cretin

Downtown Albuquerque -

A family from Santa Fe, New Mexico were visiting Downtown Albuquerque with their daughter. Everything seemed to be going good for them until they walked by repeat offender and downtown Albuquerque menace Jordan Salazar. He called the couple, "faggots" and began to harass and chase them.

According to a criminal complaint, Salazar had a metal broom pole and struck one of the husbands in the head. The couple began to run away from Salazar while he kept chasing them calling them "faggots." The couple was able to escape to the crowded farmers market and called the police. When the Albuquerque Police Department arrived they detained Salazar and arrested him for aggravated battery. According to NM laws he could have been charged with a hate crime due to him using the homophobic term and striking the victim.

Salazar was arrested earlier this month for assaulting a security guard in Downtown Albuquerque. Here is the story:

Salazar has a criminal record dating back to 2017 with many of the criminal offenses happening in the downtown area.

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