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Feds Nab Felons in Daytime Raid


POSTED: 06/13/2023 @ 8:40PM

NE Albuquerque -

On 6/13/2023 federal and local law enforcement agencies executed a daytime raid near the 1800 block of Miracerros Place NE. The raid stems from a federal warrant for a man at the home. Witnesses said there was a large police presence on the street as they tried to get the occupants out of the home. Eventually witnesses said police got a few people out of the home voluntarily but police keep running their sirens and getting on their public address speakers trying to get more out of the home. The witness said eventually police made entry into the residence after deploying flash bangs and smashing glass. When we arrived on scene we observed two adult males being detained and they were being interviewed by law enforcement. Law enforcement was also seen carrying evidence to their vehicles to be processed.

We will update the story if more information becomes available.

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