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Climate Change Protest Shuts Down Part of Downtown Albuquerque

BY: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 09/14/2023 @ 4:30PM

Downtown Albuquerque -

Downtown Albuquerque became a focal point for environmental activism today as thousands of impassioned demonstrators took to the streets to demand urgent action on climate change. The protest, organized by a coalition of local environmental groups, drew a diverse crowd of activists, students, families, and concerned citizens. There was more than 150 people taking over the downtown streets in front of the Clyde(formerly Hyatt) Hotel.

The groups shut down traffic in front of The Clyde Hotel and Albuquerque Police Department officers could be seen blocking streets around the hotel for crowd and traffic control. The groups were protesting the "Building an Advanced Energy Ecosystem in New Mexico" conference held at the hotel.

The conference was dubbed as policymakers, researchers, industry, entrepreneurs, investors, and others gathering to learn about cutting-edge technologies in the race to decarbonize and how New Mexico can be the global leader in the future of energy

The protesters converged on Civic Plaza, holding banners and placards with slogans like "Save Our Planet" and "Climate Action Now." Chants of "No more fossil fuels" and "Green New Deal" echoed through the city's skyline as speakers passionately addressed the crowd, highlighting the escalating climate crisis and its impact on New Mexico's ecosystems. Also echoing through the downtown was a large fossil fuel powered generator powering the PA system and other protester electronics.

See scenes from the protest HERE:

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