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Car Jacking Street Cretin caught by victims Air Pods tracking capability

By: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 5/22/2023 @ 12:00PM

46-year-old Roberta Chavez

Westside Albuquerque -

On 5/22/2023, a driver of a white 2011 Toyota Tacoma was minding their own business at 121 Coors Bl NW when a female with black hair brandished a handgun and took the vehicle from the driver. According to the criminal complaint, a short time later the Albuquerque Police Department located the vehicle and tried to pull it over. APD said unfortunately they had to call off the pursuit due to radio transmission problems.


The victim told police there were Apple AirPods in the truck and she was able to track the truck through Apple. A few hours later police were able to find the truck and the female offender who was now driving it to a gas station. At the gas station the driver was now trying to ram another vehicle in the parking lot. The psychotic driver then fled that scene also and eventually crashed a short distance later where she barricaded herself in the truck. 46-year-old Roberta Chavez of Albuquerque was identified as the car jacking suspect.

Albuquerque Police Department SWAT had a 5 plus hour standoff but eventually took Chavez into custody. She is charged with armed robbery with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery with deadly weapon, eluding and evading police officer with a vehicle and concealing her identity.

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