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Bring the "Straps": Teen Sex and Family Argument Leads to Murder Charge

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 7/20/2022 @ 3:33PM

Albuquerque - On July 18th, 2022, a man was shot in killed in what Albuquerque Police described as two families fighting over teenagers acting inappropriately. Michael Koester is accused of shooting and killing Raul Gallegos during the fight.

The initial call coming into Albuquerque Police dispatch was about a teenage boy being battered by two adult males and he needed help. When police arrived they learned that an adult male had been shot and left the scene in a vehicle.

APD detectives interview some juvenile witnesses

According to a criminal complaint, Daysha Aragon, an adult guardian of a female teen, entered an apartment bedroom and saw a naked male teen was picking up his boxers and a teen female was picking up her shorts. Aragon confronted the teens and it started an altercation with the male. The murder suspect, Michael Koester, got the male teen into a bear hug and removed him from the apartment.

Patreon members can read the full complaint here:

The male teen called his family and said bring "straps" to the location. The murder victim Raul Gallegos and his wife Shamrah Gallegos showed up to the scene. A fight between the two families broke out primarily between Koester and Raul Gallegos. In the fight a gun was produced by Koester and he shot Gallegos at least 3 times.

Koester was charged with 2nd degree murder in the shooting death of Gallegos.

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