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BREAKING: 4 Year Old Child Shot in leg at Pat Hurley Park in SW ABQ

Updated: Mar 19, 2022


Posted 3/19/2022 4:40PM

UPDATED 03/19/2022 6:04PM

Around 4:15PM, Albuquerque Police were flagged down by a father who said his four-year-old daughter was shot at lower part of Pat Hurley Park. The father found officers on Central and 47th Street. A sergeant on scene was able to apply a duty issued tourniquet on the child and saved her life.

APD officers search lower part of Pat Hurley Park for bullet casings.

Police found at least five bullet casings at the lower part of Pat Hurley Park and they were seen looking for witnesses and evidence at the area.

There is no suspect or vehicle information available at this time.

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