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Bernalillo Co. DA’s Office - Trials for the Week of July 10, 2023

By: ABQ RAW Staff

Posted: 07/07/2023 @ 1:45PM

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Albuquerque, NM – The Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office is committed to the pursuit of justice. The week of July 10, 2023, there are three jury trials taking place in Bernalillo County.

Angello Charley

Case Number: D-202-CR-202100940

· Kidnapping First Degree (Intent to Commit Sexual Offense)

· Criminal Sexual Penetration in the First Degree (Great Bodily Harm/Great Mental Anguish) - 4 Counts

· Aggravated Battery (Great Bodily Harm)

· Bribery of a Witness (Threats or Bribes-Reporting)

· Aggravated Battery (Misdemeanor)(No Great Bodily Harm)

Adam Cordova

Case Number: D-202-CR-202002483

· Criminal Secual Penetration in the Frist Degree (Child Under 13)

Tristan Salais

Case Number: D-202-CR-202202741

· Aggravated Assault (Deadly Weapon)(Firearm Enhancement)

***As always, defendants are presumed innocent unless and until they’re convicted in a court of law.***

For more information about the Bernalillo County DA's office or if you are the victim of a crime and you are in need of help, the Bernalillo County DA's website has information for victims services and resources to help victims of various crimes. The Bernalillo County DA's Victim's Resource Center website information can be found here.

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