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BCSO Sherriff John Allen Sits Down with Media to Outline Goals

ABQ RAW staff

1/7/2022 @ 7:40AM

Albuquerque -

Newly elected Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen held a meeting with members of the media who outlined some short term and long term goals for the department.

Sheriff Allen highlighted the fact that On Patrol Live TV show was put on hold while he discusses things with his staff and deputies.

“I want to focus on crime, we’re short on the people power we have. I don’t want to be scheduling On Patrol: Live, I know people think that’s access to the department, and some people thing that’s true transparency to the department, I’ll agree and disagree," said Sheriff Allen.


One of the topics covered was the grounding of the air unit in Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office. Prior to then Sheriff Manny Gonzales had re-launched the air unit after the fatal crash incident on July 6th, 2022.

Sheriff Allen promises more transparency coming from the Sheriff's Department and a better working relationship with the Albuquerque Police Department.

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