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BCSO ARRESTS Drug Dealing Mother, Phylicia Baca. 1-year-old Son FOUND & He is SAFE!

Updated: Feb 9

By: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 02/09/2023 @9:40AM

UPDATED: 02/09/2023 @8:10PM

UPDATE: Around 6:00PM, BCSO is reported that they arrested Phylicia Baca and thankfully, her 1-year-old son was located and he is also safe.

We will update this story if and when more information is released by BCSO.


Last night, BCSO asked for the public's help in locating 32-year-old Phylicia Baca and her 1-year-old son, Geovanni Contreras. The infant boy still has not been located.

We obtained the both the most recent criminal complaint and past criminal complaints for Phylicia Baca. The most recent criminal complaint paints a picture of a mother with a troubled history of drug use, drug use around an infant, and alleged drug distribution.

As a result of the information that BCSO has obtained regarding Phylicia and her son, Geovanni, BCSO has issued a warrant for Phylicia Baca. According to BCSO, Baca has active warrants for felony child abuse and obstruction of a child abuse investigation. Baca is evading law enforcement and BCSO is requesting the public’s assistance in locating her and her one-year-old son, Geovanni, right away. If you have any information on her whereabouts please contact BCSO right away at 505-798-7000.


In reviewing other past criminal complaints, Phylicia Baca also has prior charges for shoplifting and her probation was revoked in October 9, 2012. For one condition of her release it says, "I will not buy, sell, consume, possess or distribute any controlled substances or illegal synthetic substances except those legally prescribed for my use by a State Certified Medical Doctor." When the Probation/Parole Officer was conducting their routine field call on September 24, 2012, they said "upon entering her room, a glass pipe, which is commonly used to smoke marijuana, was found on top of the dresser. It should be noted that Probationer Baca's 10-month old also occupies this bedroom, and there was a crib in the room located on the west wall. A search of the room was conducted as the smell of marijuana could also be detected in the bedroom. A small, rectangular tin was located in the second, left-hand drawer of the dresser, which container marijuana." For another condition of her release, it says "I shall not possess, use or consume any alcoholic beverages and will not at any time enter what is commonly known as a bar or lounge where alcoholic beverages are served or sold for consumption on the premises." During their September 24, 2012 routine field call, the Probation/Parole Officer noted "Alcohol bottles were found in the trash can outside on the porch. This officer questioned Probationer Baca about the bottles and she stated they pick them up from the yard as the neighbors throw them there. PPS Foley walked into the garage, as to ensure there was no one else in the residence, and a large trash can in the garage was found to be about ¼ full of empty Foster's beer cans, as well as a trash bag next to the trash can that contained several beer cans." The 10-month-old son mentioned from the revocation of bond in 2012, is obviously a different child than the current missing child, Geovanni. This past incident was mentioned because it goes to establish an alleged pattern of drug use around her infant children.

During the September 24, 2012 encounter with Probation/Parole, Baca also reportedly lied to the Probation/Parole Officer, which is another violation of the terms of her release and she jeopardized the safety of Probation/Parole Officers by not revealing everyone that was located in the home at the time of the Probation/Parole Officers visit, there were supposedly people concealed in other rooms of the home.

PRIOR Criminal Complaints Below:

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