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Arrest Made in Connection with Homicide in Southeast Albuquerque

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 11/15/2023 @ 11:30AM

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Albuquerque -

On Tuesday, November 15, 2023, the Albuquerque Police Department arrested Geraldine Begay in relation to the homicide that occurred in Southeast Albuquerque.

The arrest followed an altercation witnessed by onlookers at the Lanai apartments on 1033 Madeira Ave. SE, where Begay was engaged in a physical fight with a man earlier on Tuesday morning. The man resided in one of the apartments, and reportedly, Begay was a frequent visitor to the victim.

Numerous eyewitnesses recounted that Begay threw various objects at the man, kicking him persistently even after he had fallen to the ground near his apartment door. The victim displayed visible injuries, including a laceration behind the ear, a significant bump on the back of his head and abrasions on a finger.

Despite efforts by officers and emergency personnel to administer life-saving measures, the man died from injuries sustained during the confrontation.

Following her apprehension, Begay, when questioned by homicide detectives, denied any physical altercation with the victim. Begay wanted to give the victim space to go to the store and get his errands done. So, Begay packed her belongings and took them outside. However, she realized she could not carry all her belongings and went back inside the apartment to get her cart. While retrieving her cart, Begay had to step over the victim's unresponsive body. After getting her cart, she noticed the victim lying in the doorway. The victim was blue and unresponsive. Begay then exited the apartment, stepping over the victim's body again while carrying the cart, and left. Reportedly, Begay never made an effort to check on the victim or call the police.

After collaboration with the District Attorney's Office, detectives opted to charge Begay with an open count of murder, along with charges of tampering with evidence and robbery.

This is the 131st homicide for the Albuquerque metro area for 2023.

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