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APD Searches for Felon in a Tunnel, Comes Up Empty

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 8/18/23 @ 3:30PM

Albuquerque - Earlier today, we witnessed several officers including a tactical team assembled on 98th St over I-40. The officers appeared to be focused on a tunnel that ran underneath 98th that went from east to west.

Officers were demanding that a man named Wayne Schroeder come out of the tunnel system and that he was under arrest and not free to leave. It was unclear what Wayne was wanted for, but he was much more wanted in jail on this day. After about an hour, members of the tactical team launched drones both inside the tunnel and above to search for Wayne. At one point, a tactical team made entry into the tunnel, followed by a loud diversionary device from the east side of 98th, and tried to flush Wayne out. We could see the tactical officers emerging on the west side of the tunnel, but Wayne was not with them.

It was unclear how Wayne managed to escape the tunnel system. If anyone knows Wayne let him know police say he's wanted.

Watch the standoff of the tunnel event HERE:

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