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APD Investigating Fatal Crash in NE Albuquerque

Posted By: ABQ RAW Staff

Posted On: 10/08/2023 @ 8:25 PM

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APD’s Motor Unit responded to a fatal crash near the intersection of Louisiana Blvd. and Delwood Rd., N.E., situated to the south of Comanche Rd.

This incident involved multiple vehicles and took place at approximately 7:20 PM. APD has confirmed to us, one individual lost their life at the scene, and several others have been taken to a local hospital with unspecified conditions.

While on the scene, we observed that one car had crashed into a wall on the east side of Louisiana, and debris was scattered everywhere. Eyewitnesses told us that two cars were speeding together, and a vehicle pulled out onto Louisiana Blvd, resulting in a collision with one of the speeding cars.

As soon as additional information becomes accessible, we will update you. We highly recommend that drivers avoid the vicinity of the crash this evening to allow first responders and law enforcement access to the area.

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