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APD Identifies Suspect Shot by Police


POSTED: 12/08/2023 @ 3:25PM

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NE Albuquerque -

The man shot by Albuquerque Police Department (APD) officers during a foot pursuit at a Northeast Heights apartment complex has been identified as Mark Carlson, aged 32. APD detectives had identified Carlson as a suspect in recent armed robberies, and he had an outstanding warrant for parole violation related to an armed robbery conviction.

On Thursday afternoon, detectives tracked Carlson to the Sun Pointe apartments at 4057 Montgomery Blvd., N.E. After establishing a perimeter, they observed Carlson climbing through a second-story window and fleeing on foot through the complex. Despite commands to surrender and the use of less-lethal rounds, Carlson continued to evade the police. Eventually, Carlson produced a handgun, prompting multiple officers to fire their weapons, resulting in Carlson being struck.

Following the incident, Carlson was transported to a hospital where he died from his injuries. Fortunately, no officers sustained injuries during the shooting.

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