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APD has shot and killed an armed wanted suspect on the west side

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 6/24/2023 @ 4:50PM

Updated: 6/24/2023 @ 10:18PM

West side Albuquerque - APD along with a multi agency task force are investigating a scene where one of their own has shot and killed a suspect. The scene is very active in the area of 98th and Central near the El Mezquite Market.

We have a crew on the way to learn more and report what we see.

We have learned from witnesses on scene that the events which led to this shooting happened as follows:

- Officers got a call of a man passed out in a car that was left running in the parking lot of Auto Zone

- Officers did an investigation into the vehicle plate information and found out the owner of the car had active warrants both felony and misdemeanor.

- There is also a history of the suspect fighting with officers.

- Officers try to wake the driver for over 30 minutes and he eventually wakes up and tries to flee in the car.

- Officers had deployed tire deflating devices under the cars wheels making it undrivable.

- Suspect somehow drives the disabled car across the street near the Starbucks

- Suspect then runs from the car armed with knives and a gun into the crowded El Mezquite Market and shoots two rounds at officers who fire back and kill him.

APD officials held a media briefing to describe what lead up to the events.

This is Albuquerque's 66th homicide for 2023.

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