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APD Compiles 5-year Stats on their Officer Involved Shootings

By: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 11/11/2022 @ 7:30AM

Entire press conference video

Side Note: APD has allowed ABQRAW staff back into their press conferences and email lists after a lawsuit was filed by us earlier this year. The city agreed to allow us back into all events and send us pertinent information from within the department. This is our first press conference that we have been able to attend in over two years. We as a staff are determined to bring our audience the most accurate truthful information. The information provided by APD can help us determine what happened in real time and we will be able to pass it on to you our audience.

Downtown Albuquerque -

On Thursday morning the Albuquerque Police Department was investigating a deadly officer involved shooting that involved a suspect charging at officers with a knife. Mid-morning APD higher ups held a press conference to discuss data they have analyzed focused on their officer involved shooting incidents over the past five years. The data only covered the years since the Keller administration has been in office.

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APD's Deputy Director Zak Cottrell of internal affairs and Chief Harold Medina speak to the media.

APD Chief Harold Medina, spokesman Gilbert Gallegos, and Deputy Director Zak Cottrell spoke to the media at a press conference going over a 32 slide show presentation showing data points of their officer involved shootings.

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Stats from the slide show by APD about officer involved shootings. Link below is the full slide show with data points.

Officer-Involved Shootings STATS 2018-2022 YTD (as of 08NOV2022)
Download PDF • 857KB

APD did tell the media that some of the graphs would not be exactly up to date because of the two recent officer involved shootings just this last week.

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