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APD Arrests Two Murder Suspects with Edgar Haircuts for the Killing of Academy High Student

By: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 1/27/2023 at 11:23AM

Jesse Parra, 18, of Albuquerque

NW Albuquerque - Jesse Parra, 18, of Albuquerque and Cruz Medina, 16, of Albuquerque have been charged in the murder of 18-year-old Jada Gonzales, the popular rising community member and Academy Academy High School student. The murder happened on December 18th, 2022 during a house party in NW Albuquerque.

According to a criminal complaint filed in court, a mother and father allowed a teen house party to happen at their home located at 5205 La Bajada Rd., N.W. The party apparently involved alcohol and firearms openly seen with underage drinkers in attendance. Party goers at some point told two individuals seen flashing guns to leave the party and the remaining party goers started booing at them. A surveillance video captured audio of a female telling the gun toting thugs to "Get the fuck outta here!" Shortly after, nearly a dozen shots rang out toward the house. The adult male owner of the house then goes to his balcony and fires back at the fleeing car.


In the chaos of the firefight people realize 18-year-old Jada Gonzales was struck by gun fire in her hip. She was rushed to the hospital where she later died. The complaint indicates a 9MM and possibly two AK-47 type rifles were used in the shooting. 28 bullet casings were found at the scene.

Albuquerque Police responded to the scene and were able to identify suspects who were responsible for the shooting from the party goers and witness statements. Witnesses told officers that the suspects had "Edgar" or "bowl type hair cuts." The witnesses also gave detectives a vehicle description of a black Dodge Charger.

The complaint goes on to say, APD homicide detectives started gathering witness statements, social media posts, and phone records for the case. A witness took photos inside the house of party goers holding up firearms and throwing possible gang signs toward the camera.

Jesse Parra is throwing the "C" sign in this witness photograph.

The criminal complaint goes on to say, Parra and Medina were involved in other shootings across Albuquerque during that night. Social media messages indicate the weapons used in the murder were ditched. Medina spoke to police and said there is proof on his phone that he didn't commit the murder. He also said, "I'll be honest I tried to shoot but my gun jammed."

The mother and father who threw the party indicated they owned the home and it was under their business name and requested their lawyers. At the time of the homicide the home was on the market to be sold. Currently, it is listed as being sold.

Murder victim, Jada Gonzales, of Albuquerque.

Parra and Medina are charged with first degree murder, tampering with evidence, conspiracy to commit murder, shooting at a dwelling or occupied building, conspiracy to commit shooting at dwelling.

It should note that Medina's booking mug is not available due to Juvenile Courts preventing the release of his information. We will update the story with his booking mugshot if he is charged as an adult in this murder.

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