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APD Arrests Son in Gruesome Slaying of His Own Father

Updated: Jul 3

Posted by: ABQ RAW Staff

Posted on: 07/02/2023 @ 5:15PM

North Valley ABQ -

Albuquerque police have arrested a man for the murder of his father. Joseph Cruz Banuelos Jr., 28, is accused of brutally stabbing his father, Joseph Banuelos Sr., 55, to death on Saturday morning.

APD Officers were called to a home at 4321 Grande Dr. NW, after receiving a report of a suspicious person covered in blood. When they arrived, they found Banuelos Sr., dead inside the home. He had suffered multiple stab wounds. According to the criminal complaint, Banuelos Jr told his father he was having anxieties and the pair decided to go for a ride. When they returned home Banuelos Jr told police he needed marijuana and eventually found some to smoke and went into the kitchen. After smoking some marijuana Banuelos Jr said he described "intrusive thoughts" entering his head and believed SWAT was outside his home. Banuelos Jr then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and proceeded to begin killing his father. The complaint goes on to say the original knife Banuelos Jr. tried to use was too dull and even bent, so Banuelos Jr. tried to strangle his father with his bare hands. Banuelos Jr. was unsuccessful so Banuelos Jr. went to the garage and got a wire which he then used to choke his father. Banuelos Jr. reportedly then obtained a second knife from the kitchen and cut his father's throat. Banuelos Jr. stated that he was smoking marijuana the entire time he was killing his father.

A neighbor reported to APD that they had heard a disturbance at the Banuelos Sr.'s residence overnight around 2:00AM, but they described this type of behavior from Banuelos Jr. to be typical. While we were on scene, a neighbor also approached us and they said that it was not unusual for Banuelos Jr. to cause disturbances at his father’s house.

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Banuelos Jr. had already fled the scene when police arrived, but he was later taken into custody by Laguna Pueblo police at the Route 66 Travel Center, west of Albuquerque. Banuelos Jr. had blood on his clothing and he told APD Detectives that he bludgeoned his own father to death. Banuelos Jr.'s description of the events which occurred are consistent with the physical evidence in the residence, which includes the locations where marijuana was found, the locations of the blood on scene, and the fact that there were multiple knives used to kill his father.

APD Detectives obtained an arrest warrant and charged Banuelos Jr. with an open count of murder. He is being booked into the Metro Detention Center.


When we looked on NM Courts, it appears as though Banuelos Jr. had been arrested numerous times for breaking and entering, domestic violence on a household member and residential burglary. Many of the incidents involved breaking into his parent’s house. In one incident in October 2022, Banuelos Sr. disclosed to APD that his son had a mental health diagnosis, he was not taking his medication and "his behavior continues to escalate."

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